The  Canon EF50 f/1,2L USM lens is a professional L series lens that is designed to be the replacement for the expensive and heavy Canon EF 50 mm f/1.0L USM lens. The lens was available since November 2006. Canon has also made another type of lens that has the same aperture opening which is the EF 85mm but the EF50 has the shortest focal point.

This type of lens comes with a metal body and mount while its extremities are made from plastic. Moreover, the lens also comes with a damped rubber focusing and distance window with infrared index capacity. However, what makes this type of lens great is that it is weather sealed which makes it perfect for photographers who also own weather sealed SLR cameras and who usually shoot their photos outside. The lens also comes with an 8-blade diaphragm instead of 11 elements as compared with the f/1.0L USM lens. The lens utilizes a floating front extension focusing system that is powered by the ring type USM motor. This gives the lens the ability to have a wide aperture opening. Moreover, this also gives  a very shallow depth of field characterized with smooth background blur to isolate your subject. This lens is good for product and portrait photography because of the nice background blur it gives.

 What makes this particular lens a good option instead of the EF50mm f/1.0L USM lens is that it is small and light.  In fact, it is short and it comes with the dimension of 85.4mm x 65.5mm for both its length and width , respectively. It also weighs 545g which is half as light as its predecessor.  Having said this, this lens is a good option especially if you are going to do location shoots. With its lightweight built and small frame, it is very convenient to carry it around all day.

When it comes to the image quality, this particular lens is reasonably sharp especially at f/1.2L and it continues to get sharper as it goes down to several stops or as you decrease the opening of the aperture.  Moreover, with the Canon EF50mm f/1.2L USM lens,  the flare is well controlled thus allowing you to capture photos that have excellent colors and contrast. With this feature, the lens is really great for outdoor shooting where natural light is available at its maximum.

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To know more, below are the specs of this lens:



Focal length



8 elements in 6 groups

Max aperture


Close focus


Filter size


Angle of view

0° – 46°




85.96 x 65.56mm