The Canon EF 50 mm  f/2.5 Compact Macro lens is a good option for those into macro photography to take the shot that they need. What makes this particular EF50mm lens great is that it is relatively inexpensive type of macro lens that comes with minimum focusing distance of 23cm  thus allowing you to magnify your subject 0.5x of its actual size. For this reason, this particular lens is a great option for people who love to shoot insects and small critters. Moreover, this particular lens is also suitable when it comes to photographing documents and small objects that are at least 5cm wide.

EF 50mm f/2.5 macroThe lens comes with a groove on its outer barrel where the Canon’s MR-14 ring flash can be attached. The ring flash is necessary as it can be used as the main light source for close up photos or when fill lighting your subject. The lens also comes with a six-blade diaphragm which provides reasonable blur and bokeh great for product and portrait shoot. As mentioned earlier, the lens is relatively cheap and this is attributed to the fact that the lens does not come with a lot of lens elements.

The lens was first introduced in 1987 and it is constructed with a metal mount and plastic body. It also comes with a distance window with infrared index and marking for magnification. Moreover, the lens also comes with the life-size converter EF which allows the lens to adapt in order to produce optimum magnification ratio of 1:1. By attaching the converter, the lens can increase its focal length of up to 70mm. However, the drawback to this is that it reduces the maximum aperture opening to f/3.5.

The lens has a decent build quality and offers good color contrast and negligible distortion. Even if you lower down the f-stop to f/4, the images still remain sharp. In fact, the peak performance of this lens when it comes to its aperture opening is at f/5.6. On the other hand, this particular lens does not come with the USM motor so the auto-focusing is rather slow and noisy compared to the other Canon EF50mm lenses.

 This particular Canon EF 50 mm lens is a great option especially if you are looking for a relatively cheap macro lens so that you can start macro photography. For more details about the lens, here are its specs:

 Get the Canon EF 50 mm f/2.5 Macro



Focal length



9 elements in 8 groups

No. of diaphragm blades


Max aperture


Diagonal angle of view


Close focus

0.8 feet

Filter size



9.9 ounces


2.7 in. x 2.5 in.